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PERMINTAAN TRUK TURUN: Prospek Pasar Kendaraan Niaga Diyakini Tetap Cerah / TRUCK DEMAND DOWN: Commercial Vehicles Market Prospects Remain Bright Believed

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Specification:TRUCK DEMAND DOWN: Commercial Vehicles Market Prospects Remain Bright Believed
Nurudin Abdullah
Tuesday, December 18, 2012 | 13: 06 pm

JAKARTA: Market conditions remain prospective commercial vehicle in 2013 despite falling demand overshadowed fleet of trucks for the mining industry activity because of the impact of weakening prices of some commodities in the world market.
The condition can be seen from recent data Indonesian Automotive Industry Association ( Gaikindo) showing sales figures in November 2012 as many as 30 099 units is relatively smaller than the previous month' s sales by a margin of 30 391 units 292 units.
However, when compared with sales in November 2011 sebannyak 24 888 units, then there is a 20.93% increase. Meanwhile, sales in January-November 2012 amounted to 287 065 units also 18.01% higher than the same period last year as many as 243 244 units plainly.
Santiko Ward, Sales and Promotion Director PT Hino Motors Sales Indonesia, the sole agent of Hino trucks, said demand for mining truck market is declining due to the impact of weaker commodity prices related.
At the same time, he continued, fleet demand for infrastructure development activities, industry, trade and logistics actually tends to increase, so as to close the weakening of truck mining segment sales.
" We produce many kinds of options and variants trucks, mining trucks so that when the market goes down, then we encourage the sale of other types and variants, which are much demand as industrial activities, construction of infrastructure and logistics, " he said on Tuesday ( 18/ 12/ 2012) .
According to him, Hino trucks have developed type Ditro with 32 variants, Ranger has 18 variants, Hino bus 4 1 variants and variants of heavy trucks, in order to meet all the needs of consumers and customers with marketing and after-sales network spread all over Indonesia.
Commercial vehicle or commercial demand will continue to increase along with the rapid economic growth in Indonesia is expected to reach much above the 6.5% , in line with industrial development and diversification of the growing logistics needs.
Economic and industrial growth that is almost certain to increase in 2013, requires a lot of means of transport that is reliable and robust for the transport of goods and people, so optimitistis highly prospective truck fleet market.
Santiko said demand for truck type tractor head for interesting containers are also experiencing a surge in demand, following an increase in activity of loading and unloading containers at the main port of Tanjung Priok in Jakarta, Tanjung Perak Tanjung Mas Semarang and Surabaya.
Jonah Sunaryo, Marketing Division of PT Astra Multi Trucks Indonesia, said that demand for the commercial vehicle market is likely to increase, especially towing tractor trailer head, along with the high flow of exports and imports of goods and services and logistical distribution.
" Demand tractor head like hotcakes, production average of 180 units per month but the market demand UD Trucks reached about 250 units per month, so we need to increase its production capacity, with another variant of UD Trucks, " he said.
Revitaliasai haulage fleet program that reaches at least 29, 000 units by 2015 in order to reduce the cost of logistics competitiveness of domestic products become more and more powerful it is also a potential for the commercial vehicle market.
Similarly, the manufacturing industry is growing rapidly these days requires a fleet of haulage, such as dump trucks to transport cars or a new motor from the factory to distributors across Indonesia and vans for transporting industrial products. ( Faa)

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